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Key Features of Lybra Assistant RMS:

Dynamic Pricing and Customisable Autopilot

Every day, the RMS suggests the best rate for each room, for up to 365 days ahead, and the Autopilot updates it automatically on your behalf.

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Dynamic pricing is a pricing strategy that adjusts prices in real-time based on market conditions and demand. Revenue Management Systems (RMS) use dynamic pricing to optimize hotel room prices by analyzing data such as pick-up, demand pressure, and competitor rates. The goal is to maximize revenue by adjusting prices based on changes in demand and market conditions.
Thanks to the Autopilot, the process of updating rates on sales channels can be automated. By customizing the Autopilot, you can decide how and when to send the rates suggested by Lybra Assistant RMS algorithm.

Rate Shopper

With this module, you can keep track of competitor rates by room type, availability, and rate type.

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The rate shopper module is a key component of revenue management systems in the hospitality industry. It allows hotels to monitor and analyze competitor rates for different room types and adjust their rates accordingly to stay competitive and maximize revenue. The module gathers data from various sources, provides insights into market demand, and enables revenue managers to make informed pricing decisions in real-time. Overall, the rate shopper module is an essential tool for revenue management in the hospitality industry.

Flight Searches

A unique module that provides data on demand pressure by analyzing millions of searches made on flight metasearch engines

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The flight searches module is a powerful tool for revenue management that provides insights into demand pressure by analyzing millions of flight searches made on metasearch engines. It helps revenue managers stay ahead of the competition, identify trends, and adjust pricing strategy accordingly. Overall, it is a unique and valuable tool for revenue management in the hospitality industry.

Group Displacement

A function that helps revenue managers decide whether it is profitable to take on a group and at what rate, without penalizing individual bookings.

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Group displacement is a revenue management function that helps hotels decide whether to accept group bookings without negatively affecting individual bookings. By analyzing potential revenue from group bookings and comparing it to individual bookings, revenue managers can determine the optimal rate to offer groups. This ensures profitable group bookings while maintaining a fair balance between groups and individuals. Group displacement is an essential function for revenue management systems in the hospitality industry.

Calendar & Gap Analysis

The calendar is a tool designed to update rates for the next 365 days and monitor hotel pick-up trends.

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The Calendar is a crucial tool for revenue management in the hospitality industry. It enables revenue managers to update room rates for the next 365 days, monitor hotel pick-up trends, and make informed decisions about pricing and inventory management. The calendar provides an overview of room inventory, occupancy, and revenue for each day, allowing revenue managers to optimize pricing strategy, maximize revenue, and stay competitive.

Statistics & Marketing Overview

A set of statistics designed for in-depth analysis to understand hotel trends and plan effective strategies to improve performance.

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The statistics and marketing overview is a valuable tool for revenue management that provides in-depth analysis of hotel trends and performance. It includes a range of metrics, such as occupancy rates, ADR, RevPAR, and market share, as well as marketing data analysis tools to track campaigns and identify new opportunities. Overall, it is an essential tool for revenue managers to stay competitive, optimize pricing strategy, and improve revenue and profitability.

Success Stories

Lybra Assistant RMS Now Integrated with HotelKey PMS!

Lybra Assistant RMS Now Integrated with HotelKey PMS!

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Grand Hotel Parker’s – Success Story

Grand Hotel Parker’s – Success Story

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Lybra Tech Establishes Partnership with Opensmjle

We are delighted to announce our new strategic partnership with Opensmjle, a leading digital marketing agency specializing in the hospitality industry. This partnership is part of our commitment to expanding our services and increasing our presence within the German...

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