The new tool for data driven destination management

A unique tool based on Big Data that helps destinations, DMOs tourism boards and associations to know in advance future tourist demand.

Unique destination data from Travel Data Lake, the largest data hub on tourism in Italy

Lybra Destination’s main data source is the Travel Data Lake, an innovative project that centralizes all forecast data from the Zucchetti Group Booking Engines.

Every day the data of millions of daily searches in real-time are collected and analyzed, thanks to which it is possible to have a statistically relevant overview on the future demand of tourists and extrapolate valuable information on the profile of travelers.

Main Features

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Analyze tourism demand and predict future tourist flows

Thanks to real-time data, it analyzes tourist demand and predicts future tourist flows, in order to know market trends and peak periods well in advance

Optimize your destination marketing expenses

Identify the most successful marketing activities and use the information to allocate marketing resources more effectively, so as to maximize the effectiveness of destination promotion and communication planning.

Improve the tourism demand forecast and identify destination strengths and weaknesses

Identify trends in tourism demand and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the destination, so that land-use planning changes can be made and the tourism offer improved.


Profiling tourists and stimulating travel market segments

The software collects information about tourists, such as nationality of origin, travel segment and preferences, to create traveler profiles and identify the most promising market segments. This allows you to tailor your destination promotion to reach the traveler groups most likely to be interested.

Check the progress of each destination management/marketing activity in real time

The software allows real-time monitoring of the impact of marketing and destination management activities, providing data on how activities are attracting tourism demand

Compare your destination's performance with that of competing destinations

Compare the performance of the destination with that of its competitors and to identify areas where the destination can improve to increase competitiveness in the tourism market.

The importance of a data-driven strategy

In an increasingly competitive tourism industry, Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), public organizations and tourist destinations are constantly on the lookout for more precise and proactive strategies to attract and accommodate tourists. One critical approach is to leverage data, specifically the integration of data-driven strategies into their operational and marketing frameworks. The use of data not only enables these entities to understand past trends and present conditions but, more crucially, allows them to predict future demand. In this context, the Zucchetti Travel Data Lake and its previsional big data capabilities come to the fore.

Understanding Data-Driven Strategy

A data-driven strategy essentially involves harnessing a wealth of data, analyzing it for actionable insights, and using these insights to drive strategic decisions. In tourism, data can provide invaluable information about tourists’ behaviors, preferences, spending habits, and travel patterns. This allows stakeholders to target marketing efforts, optimize resources, and enhance overall tourist experiences.

The shift towards a data-driven strategy is more than just a trend – it’s a fundamental shift in how tourism entities operate and interact with travelers. In the absence of reliable data, DMOs, tour operators, and tourist destinations risk making ill-informed decisions that could compromise their competitive advantage and economic sustainability.

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