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Founded in 2016, Lybra Tech is an Italian SaaS company, offering the Assistant RMS, an innovative, machine learning revenue management system (RMS) for the global hospitality industry.

In May 2020, Lybra was acquired by Zucchetti Group, a leading international technology company offering software, hardware and ITC services to many global sectors. The Zucchetti Hospitality division is one of the largest hospitality industry software companies worldwide, with hundreds of their subsidiaries’ hospitality technology solutions, being used by thousands of hotel clients around the globe.

Within the Zucchetti technology ecosystem, Lybra is the only RMS that enables the optimization of prices using real-time travel forecasts, because of the wealth of international market and demand data – compiled by all the global hospitality technology companies owned by Zucchetti Hospitality – which is now integrated into the Assistant RMS.


Fulvio Giannetti

Chief Executive Officer

Riccardo Pirozzi

Chief Technology Officer

Valerio Manzo

Chief Data Officer

Lorenzo Magnarelli

Chief Customer Success Officer

Stefano Sciamanna

Chief Marketing Officer

Alessia Fravolini

Account Manager

Alberto Viola

Country Manager

Theodore Labropoulos

Revenue & Business Growth Partner, Greece & Cyprus

Rossanna Alterio

Global Customer Success Manager

Erik Muñoz

Chief Commercial Officer

Jennifer Nagy

Manager of Marketing & Communications

Nicolò Rolle

VP of Sales Southern Europe

Michela Ciccarelli

Destination Data Specialist

Giuseppe Di Fazio

IT Specialist

Greta Moschini


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