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Grupo Pulitzer Hoteles Implements Lybra’s Assistant RMS at 4 of their Properties

Hotel Regina - Grupo Pulitzer Hoteles

Lybra is proud to announce that four of the Grupo Pulitzer Hoteles – including multiple properties in Barcelona and Paris – have implemeted Lybra’s Assistant RMS. 


When they began the search for a new RMS, Iván Navarro, Director of Revenue Management at Grupo Pulitzer Hoteles, was looking for a solution that would support all of the properties in a more efficient way and improve each property’s ability to analyze real-time market data, in order to establish more accurate rates and be more competitive – especially in such uncertain, ever-changing times.


Hotel Casa Luz - Grupo Pulitzer Hoteles


It was also important that each hotel could manage their pricing independently, and that the RMS that they selected could calculate accurate pricing for multiple room types, seasonally and according to what was happening in each destination at the time.

Finally, Iván was looking for an RMS with a group displacement tool, since the company has prioritized this segment in the past year, and needed a solution that would support the pricing for these new efforts.

Lybra’s Assistant RMS was able to fulfill all of those needs and more…

Iván said: “I chose Lybra’s Assistant RMS because the interface was very similar to my previous reports, so it was easy to understand. I was also interested in the way its algorithm analyzes, not only historical data but also future demand, and its forecast occupancy.”



In the year that the Grupo Pulitzer properties have been using Lybra’s Assistant RMS, the revenue managers have found that the RMS has made their teams much more efficient, enabling the revenue managers to focus on strategy and interdepartmental planning rather than manual calculations and data entry. In the first month that they started using the Assistant RMS (and also, the last month before the COVID-19 pandemic and worldwide lockdown), one of the Grupo Pulitzer properties saw an increase of 2% RevPAR, due to the property’s highest occupancy ever

Of course, COVID-19 made it more difficult for them to leverage the Assistant RMS to its full potential during the lockdown, but overall, the Assistant RMS has helped all of the properties become more competitive, giving them a significant advantage over their competitors during the ongoing depressed demand, caused by the pandemic.

To find out more about Lybra’s Assistant RMS, and how it can help your property optimize your pricing – resulting in an increase in occupancy and revenue – no matter how the pandemic affects demand, contact Nicolò Rolle, Lybra’s VP of Sales – Iberia & LATAM at


Hotel Casa Luz - Grupo Pulitzer Hoteles

Flight Data Now Integrated into the Lybra Assistant RMS Algorithm to Make Pandemic Pricing More Accurate


Lybra’s Assistant Revenue Management System – the most sophisticated, machine learning, demand-centric RMS on the market – has now integrated millions of future flight search data sets, from one of the leading OTA metasearch flight booking sites, into its algorithm, which is used – along with other macro-level demand data – to calculate future demand within a destination.

Because flight search data is a strong indicator for travel intent and, therefore, for hotel booking intent, it is particularly useful for revenue managers in establishing accurate, competitive room rates; with the integration of global flight search data, Lybra’s Assistant is the only RMS that gives revenue managers a complete, real-time, accurate assessment of future demand within a destination, up to 365 days in advance.

With the new integration, revenue managers have access to flight search data – including departure city and airport, destinations, travel dates, one- or two-way flights, etc. – and flight selections – including airline, airport, number of stops selected, flight times, etc. – directly through the Assistant RMS dashboard.

“We are going through a period of great uncertainty; for a year now, market conditions have become highly variable and all forecast models are suffering – especially the models that are based on historical data,” said Fulvio Giannetti, CEO of Lybra. “We are facing a paradigm shift in revenue management and we are happy to lead this change with our Assistant RMS.”

Giannetti continued: “Since Lybra was founded, we have always been attentive to market data and have created a technological infrastructure capable of retrieving real-time data, including tour operator demand, competitors’ prices, competitors’ reputation, events, ranking, etc. This has been a very effective strategy and has distinguished our company, and our Assistant RMS, from our competitors because of the incredible results that our clients have experienced, even during the current period of depressed demand.”

With the integration of flight search data, hotels can also establish the total percentage of demand for their destination, coming from each departure country – and all of the cities/airports within each country – to determine where the most traveler demand is coming from. Knowing which travelers are interested in traveling to the property’s destination – and when – also gives revenue managers the ability to manage their inventory more effectively, by adding more inventory to the booking channels that are most popular.

Lybra’s Assistant RMS – now including future flight search and selection data – will help hotels increase visibility to travelers who are already planning a trip to their destination, to earn more bookings at the right price and through the right channel – resulting in an increase in revenue and the ability to be competitive online, no matter how the pandemic affects the travel industry.

Contact Erik Muñoz, Chief Commercial Officer at Lybra, today to schedule a demo to see the flight data integration in action: Discover how Lybra’s Assistant RMS will help your property thrive, even during the current period of very low demand!

Lybra’s Assistant RMS is Now Integrated with LEAN Hotel System PMS

LEAN PMS Integration


Lybra is pleased to announce that the company’s Assistant RMS is now integrated with LEAN Hotel System PMS. Through the integration, hotels using both solutions are able to improve the productivity and efficiency of their revenue management & reservations teams, while increasing bookings and revenue, without any extra tech headaches.

LEAN Hotel System PMS was developed by Chapp Solutions, a leading developer of hotel technology solutions, also owned by Lybra’s key investor, The Zucchetti Group. LEAN Hotel System PMS is a cloud-based solution that was designed to optimize hotels’ main management processes, with the best, most straightforward user experience, and integrates with the suite of related hotel operational solutions offered by LEAN Hotel System (and Chapp Solutions).

The combination of Lybra’s Assistant RMS and Chapp Solutions’ LEAN Hotel System PMS is the all-in-one package that will help your property thrive, during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

To find out more about the integration between LEAN Hotel System PMS and Lybra’s Assistant RMS, please contact Lorenzo Magnarelli, Chief Customer Success Officer, at


Lybra DemoDay: Will you be there?


Join us on Oct. 7 at 15:00 CET for Lybra’s DemoDay! The key to hotels’ COVID-19 recovery is Big Data & DemoDay will demonstrate how your property can use data to embrace the future of revenue management.

Through the demo of Lybra’s Assistant, the most comprehensive RMS on the market, you’ll see:

1. How many searches are being made for your destination?
2. What are potential guests looking for?
3. At what price?

You’ll learn how this data will help your property survive – and, even thrive! – during the ongoing pandemic. 🎯

Register for DemoDay today!

NOTE: This will be an Italian-language event. 🇮🇹

Interview with Revenue Hub: Our CEO, Fulvio Giannetti, introduces Lybra & explains what differentiates our Assistant RMS


Wondering what makes Lybra stand out from the crowd? Or how Lybra was founded and what principles were of primary importance to our founders? Unsure of the benefits of machine learning/AI in an RMS?

Watch this interview between Lybra’s CEO, Fulvio Giannetti, and Trevor from Revenue Hub to learn everything that you need to know about Lybra and our Assistant RMS.



To find out more about Lybra or for a demo of the Assistant RMS, contact Lorenzo Magnarelli, Chief Customer Success Officer, at

Lybra & HS LATAM Announce New Travel Tech APAC Online Conference, September 21-25, 2020


Rome, Italy – September 16, 2020 – Lybra – developer of the Assistant, the most advanced, machine learning, demand-centric revenue management system (RMS) available on the market, and HS LATAM – developer of state-of-the-art online distribution and competitor analysis solutions – is proud to announce the upcoming Travel Tech APAC Online Conference, taking place September 21-25, 2020. The Travel Tech APAC conference will feature expert speakers from top travel technology companies, including Lybra, Amadeus, SiteMinder, ReviewPro, eRevMax and many others.

The Travel Tech APAC conference was created to bring focus to the importance of operational technology to support hotels’ success – especially in a down market, as we are currently experiencing, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The conferences were designed to bring together international travel technology companies and hoteliers from around the world for online networking opportunities. Finally, the Travel Tech APAC conference aims to create a forum for discussion and sharing of expertise from top travel technology experts to hoteliers, who are struggling to survive the effects of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

“There are benefits for hotels in investing in operational technology today, to establish a strong foundation for a better financial future,” said Vinicius Geraldo, CEO of HS LATAM and Founder of Travel Tech. “Today, hoteliers are facing brand-new, never-before-seen market conditions and all types of operational technologies – be it revenue management, property management, channel management, rate shopping, etc. – are must-haves for hotels to maintain a competitive advantage today and into the future, no matter how the pandemic affects demand.”

“Because demand is at an all-time low, revenue management is an especially challenging part of operations for hoteliers who aren’t using technology to make pricing decisions,” said Fulvio Giannetti, CEO of Lybra and one of the expert speakers on Day 1 of the conference, which focuses on optimizing revenue. “Even for hoteliers already using an RMS, the unprecedented lack of demand makes all historical data useless and, unfortunately, the majority of traditional RMS rely predominantly on historical data to predict room rates. That means that traditional revenue management strategies and technologies have become obsolete and so, hoteliers need to prepare for the challenging, highly competitive ‘new normal’ of the post-pandemic travel industry.”

The conference is organized with one panel presentation on a specific topic, each day of the conference. Sessions include:

SEPTEMBER 21, 2020: New Tools & Trends for Hotel Revenue & Distribution Optimization

SEPTEMBER 22, 2020: Tech Trends + Innovations for Hotels – The Future of Travel & the Role of Technology

SEPTEMBER 23, 2020: Online Sales Trends for the Coming Years – Hotel Marketing

SEPTEMBER 24, 2020: Automation vs. Human Touch: The Impact on Operations & Customer Experience

SEPTEMBER 25, 2020: Digital Marketing Trends to Increase Revenue & Reservations

Full details and registration links for each session are available on the Travel Tech APAC website:

All hotels and/or travel technology companies are invited to attend the Travel Tech APAC Online Conference, from September 21-25, 2020, to learn more about the benefits of investing in technology now, to establish a foundation for a stronger financial future. Register today at, as spots are limited.  

To learn more about the upcoming Travel Tech APAC conference, to obtain a media pass or for an interview with the event organizers – Lybra and HS LATAM, please contact Jennifer Nagy at any time: or +1.786.420.1160.

Lybra will support and sponsor HS LATAM in organizing other regional Travel Tech conferences in the coming months, including Travel Tech LATAM from October 19-23, 2020, and Travel Tech EMEA on November 23, 2020. To find out more about these conferences, please contact Vinicius Geraldo, CEO of HS LATAM and Founder of Travel Tech, at


About Travel Tech

The Travel Tech series of online conferences will bring together companies with national and international renown in the hospitality, travel and tourism industries to address and dissect technology-related subjects within the global hospitality industry.

Travel Tech APAC is from September 21-25, 2020. Travel Tech LATAM is from October 19-23, 2020. Travel Tech EMEA is on November 23, 2020. Find out more and register for the upcoming Travel Tech APAC at

Are you attending The Virtual AI Summit on September 2-3?

AI Summit 2020 Banner

Come meet the Lybra team at The Virtual AI Summit 2020, taking place tomorrow (Sept. 2) and Sept. 3, 2020. 

Lybra’s CEO & Data Scientist, Fulvio Giannetti, and Chief Commercial Officer, Erik Muñoz, will be manning our virtual booth at the event – and will be ready to introduce you to Lybra’s Assistant RMS, an innovative, machine learning RMS, which was designed to improve the quality of hoteliers’ lives, by simplifying and automating revenue management operations to skyrocket their property’s bookings and revenue – even in times of decreased demand, like the current COVID-19 pandemic.

First, register for The Virtual AI Summit 2020 here.

Once you’ve registered, visit Lybra’s virtual booth to find out more about our company and our Assistant RMS. or to book a virtual appointment with our team. Through the virtual booth, you can also send messages directly to Fulvio and/or Erik, and discover some of our most effective revenue management tips (Hint: AI is a very important part of how the Assistant RMS will help your hotel survive – and even thrive! – during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, or other times of unprecedented low demand!).

If you have any questions about the event or if you’d like to learn more about Lybra and the Assistant RMS before/after the show, please contact Erik Muñoz directly at

Lybra’s Assistant RMS is now fully integrated with Dingus’ MyChannel Channel Manager

Lybra RMS Integrated with Dingus Channel Manager


Lybra is happy to announce that the Assistant Revenue Management System (RMS) is now fully integrated with Dingus MyChannel, a leading Channel Manager.

Dingus offers hoteliers a 360° solution – including distribution, booking and sales management – to help hotels increase bookings, easily manage operations and reservations, and make their business more profitable. Dingus has 1,200 connected hotels, 15,500 integrations, and 6 million managed bookings.

With Lybra Assistant RMS, hoteliers now have a simple way to automate their pricing using real-time market and competitor data, to ensure that they are offering the right room, at the right price, at the right time. The integration with Dingus’ MyChannel Channel Manager makes it easier than ever to update the new pricing on all of their online channels, in real-time, as the market changes. The integration between these two innovative solutions will help hotels of all types and sizes increase their property’s bookings, revenue, and enjoy a competitive advantage, no matter how the pandemic affects demand.

To learn more about the integration or to try Lybra’s Assistant RMS at your property, contact Lorenzo Magnarelli, Chief Customer Success Officer, at

Fulvio Giannetti, CEO of Lybra, Shares his Hospitality Start-up Story

Fulvio Giannetti, developer of Lybra's Assistant revenue management system (RMS)

Watch as Fulvio Giannetti, CEO of Lybra – developer of the Assistant, a machine learning, demand-centric revenue management system (RMS) – shares his experiences founding the company and developing its proprietary revenue management algorithm, along with the challenges – both personally and professionally – that he faced along the way.

Language: Italian, with English subtitles

Credit: LVenture Group

Length: 3:30

Lybra & OTA Insight in the News

In case you missed it, Lybra’s Assistant RMS was recently integrated with OTA Insight’s Rate Insight ­– a hospitality data intelligence platform.

This two-way integration will provide hoteliers with real-time, demand-centric rate recommendations & actionable revenue management insights, designed to increase bookings and revenue – even during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Read more about the integration and its benefits to hotels in the Hospitality Technology article:

To learn how Lybra’s Assistant RMS can help your hotel increase your bookings and revenue, contact Lorenzo Magnarelli, Chief Customer Success Officer, at

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