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How Revenue Management can reshape for #tomorrow’s logic?

Published by Kris Glabinski

Human beings follow two decision making processes: the conscious and the subconscious one.

The conscious mind decisions are based on semantic approach. We make decisions based on what we know, what we can analyse, believe, experience and what our philosophy in general is (knowledge, culture, education, external influence like from parents, colleagues, religion, media, social media). read more…

Should we Panic or Plan?

Published by Kris Glabinski

So, coronavirus? A crisis? Pandemonium? Tourism stops, hotel bookings get cancelled, events get cancelled and flights are empty.

Hotels and airlines react to the situation by lowering their prices. read more…

The impact of Coronavirus on Italian tourism

These days, unfortunately, the situation in Italy is constantly evolving and new cases are expected in the coming days.

One of the industries most affected (if not the most affected one) by this situation is certainly tourism. Thousands of cancellations have been made in the days following the first cases in northern Italy. read more…

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