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Integration Completed Between Lybra’s Assistant RMS & SiteMinder’s Guest Acquisition Platform


Lybra is pleased to announce that the Assistant RMS is now fully integrated with the SiteMinder Guest Acquisition Platform.

SiteMinder’s industry-leading, cloud-based platform includes a Channel Manager, an Online Booking Engine, a Global Distribution System and Hotel Business Insights solution, and is already used by more than 35,000 hotels, in 160 countries.

With the two-way integration, all of SiteMinder’s hotel clients can use Lybra’s Assistant – an advanced, machine learning, demand-centric RMS – to seamlessly update their inventory and room rates in real-time, as the market changes.

Lybra’s Assistant RMS has the most comprehensive data source in the industry, as it has access to the global hospitality industry data compiled by their parent company, The Zucchetti Group. Unlike traditional RMS, the Assistant prioritizes market and competition data (over historical/hotel data) when calculating room rates, making the pricing suggestions offered by the solution the most accurate in the industry, no matter how the COVID-19 pandemic affects demand.

In short, this integration makes it even easier for hotels to increase their bookings across all online channels, maximizing every revenue opportunity, without any added stress or manual data entry – an operational imperative for hotels to survive, and thrive, during the ongoing pandemic.

To learn more about the integration or to try Lybra’s Assistant RMS at your property, contact Lorenzo Magnarelli, Chief Customer Success Officer, at

Integration Ota Insight – Lybra

Lybra is proud to announce a new integration with OTA Insight, a leading cloud-based data intelligence platform.

OTA Insight offers hoteliers a suite of solutions that provide valuable data to empower hoteliers to make smarter pricing and distribution decisions, including Rate Insight (rate shopping intelligence), Parity Insight (rate parity intelligence) and Revenue Insight (hotel business intelligence).

The integration of all of OTA Insight’s solutions with Lybra’s Assistant RMS, the most advanced machine learning, demand-centric solution available on the market, will give OTA Insight’s customers access to a complete, integrated revenue management solution, without any additional tech headaches.

As Lybra’s Assistant RMS prioritizes competition and market data in pricing calculations (over historical data, as traditional RMS do), this integration also makes it easier for OTA Insight’s customers to identify the most effective revenue management strategies – and proactive actions necessary to implement them – to boost bookings and revenue, no matter how the COVID-19 pandemic affects market demand.

Should we Panic or Plan?

Published by Kris Glabinski

So, coronavirus? A crisis? Pandemonium? Tourism stops, hotel bookings get cancelled, events get cancelled and flights are empty.

Hotels and airlines react to the situation by lowering their prices. read more…

The impact of Coronavirus on Italian tourism

These days, unfortunately, the situation in Italy is constantly evolving and new cases are expected in the coming days.

One of the industries most affected (if not the most affected one) by this situation is certainly tourism. Thousands of cancellations have been made in the days following the first cases in northern Italy. read more…

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