About us

We provide data-driven technology solutions to support hotels, businesses and destinations.

Lybra Tech is a technology and data analytics company founded in 2016.
In 2020 it became part of the Zucchetti Group, the largest software house in Italy and among the leading ones in Europe.
Lybra Tech operates mainly in the tourism industry, providing software to hotels, companies and tourist destinations with the mission to improve access to forecast data for revenue optimization and territorial resource management. The company operates nationally and internationally covering a good part of the European and South American markets.

Fulvio Giannetti

Chief Executive Officer

Riccardo Pirozzi

Chief Technology Officer

Valerio Manzo

Chief Data Officer

Lorenzo Magnarelli

Chief Customer Success Officer

Stefano Sciamanna

Hotel Consulting & Advisory Services

Nicolò Rolle

Chief Commercial Officer

Alessia Fravolini

Account Manager

Athanassios Karaiannis

Marketing Specialist

Greta Moschini


Michela Ciccarelli

Destination Data Specialist


Imke Raubbach

Business Development Manager DACH

Manuel Grillo

Graphic & Web Designer

Jacopo Zagarola

Onboarding Manager

Rossanna Alterio

Global Customer Success Manager

David González

Business Development Manager

Leonardo Pongrac

Leonardo Pongrac

Onboarding Manager

Leonardo Pongrac

Sara Pirozzi

Solution Architect

Leonardo Pongrac

Siria Scandellari

Marketing Operations Manager