Assistant is a Revenue Management System designed to optimize strategy and sales for independent hotels, groups and hotel chains.

Destination was created to empower destinations to actively act on the future and move away from passive analysis of historical data.

Business enables the integration of real-time data on tourism in Italy into any dashboard or B.I. 

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Lybra Business: The Software for Data Driven Companies

Lybra Business is an advanced software designed for large companies in various sectors who want to use data to improve their business. 

Application sectors

Thanks to the integration with the Zucchetti Group’s Travel Data Lake, Lybra Business offers forecast data on tourism in Italy and information on tourists’ travel intentions, allowing companies to make data-based decisions and become more competitive.

Lybra Business is designed to meet the needs of different sectors, including:


Identify new sales opportunities and improve inventory planning by analyzing consumer preference data.


Analyze market trends and make more informed decisions to maximize your investment returns.


Optimize routes, reduce costs and improve punctuality thanks to the analysis of the most desired destinations and travel habits.

Real Estate

Identify growth areas and improve investment strategy based on market data analysis.

Car Rental

Predict future demand for your assets and improve operational efficiency through insightful data analytics.


Optimize resource management and increase customer satisfaction thanks to an accurate analysis of market trends.

Main Features

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Data analysis

Examine data from different sources and gain valuable insights to make better decisions

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Customer segmentation

Analyze the behavior and preferences of your customers to offer them personalized products and services.

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Forecasts and monitoring

By utilizing machine learning algorithms, you can make accurate predictions about future trends and continuously monitor the performance of your business.

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Resource optimization

Improve resource allocation and reduce waste with real-time data analytics.

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Why the data driven approach is essential today

In today’s fast-changing market environment, becoming a data-driven company is key to staying competitive. A data-driven approach allows you to:

  • Make more informed and faster decisions
  • Identify new growth opportunities
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce risks and costs

Lybra Business is the ideal solution for companies that want to make the most of the power of data and adopt a data driven marketing approach. Start your journey towards a data-driven business today and find out how Lybra Business can help you reach new heights.

Custom Products


The Next

From the collaboration with Global Blue, a leading company in tax refund services, born The Next, the first report that integrates historical data from the retail industry and predictive data from the tourism sector of the Zucchetti Group’s Travel Data Lake.

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