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Analyze. Combine. Simplify.
The Hotel Data Analytics Console built around your needs

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What we can offer you
A state-of-the-art web based platform

Hotel Data Analytics

Lybra can analyze multiple data in real-time optimizing your pricing strategy over 360 days and returning advanced correlations. Lybra combines data from multiple data sources into easy to understand overviews.

A user-friendly interface design

Lybra offers an interactive user experience. Our goal is to make your job easier and more productive combining best technologies with usability. We conduct usability test with many hotel partners  to provide the best experience according to our partner needs.

Make Smarter decisions

Being smart about your monitoring data collection allows you to isolate and resolve problems much faster, and with a much lower cost of ownership and overhead. The key is providing answers and insights that enable you to make smart decisions.

An actionable calendar view
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Day by day our calendar view allows you to take the control of your business in an unparalleled way. You can easily check your metrics, evaluate and upload your online strategy in one click!

An actionable dashboard
take the control of your business
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Real-time dashboard: events, demand pressure index, events, unparalleled insights designed around your needs.


Lybra is different: more than a revenue manager system, more than a Business intelligece platform, a data analytics system to open a better way to understand your market and to improve your metrics

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About Lybra
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About us: We are an heterogenues team: statisticians, engineers, sociologists, revenue managers with previous experience in multinational companies (Finmeccanica, Engineering, Radisson Blue Hotels) and international schools (Essec, Luiss). Our idea is easy: put the people at the first place building a data software around their experiences. We did not want to create an ordinary revenue management system, our goal was to create something new to strengthen human intuition.
What do we offer:  a state-of-the-art  data analytics system Web-Based  and connected to your PMS and channel manager in real-time