"Best-in-class hotel revenue intelligence. Lybra tech helps hotels to reach their targets providing a unparalleled platform which combines marketing and revenue data into a stand-alone and easy-to-use solution."

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Hotel Revenue Intelligence

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lybra tech pricing intelligence

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Lybra can analyze multiple data in real-time optimizing your pricing strategy over 365 days and analyzing the most meaningful KPI’s to measure the success of your business

User Friendly Design

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Lybra offers an interactive user experience. Our goal is to make your job easier and more productive combining best technologies with usability.

Smarter Decisions in Less Time | Lybra Tech

Smarter decisions
in less time

there’s an easy way to transform data information into intelligence allowing you to isolate and resolve problems much faster and with a much lower cost.

Actionable calendar view
All you need is here.

The Lybra Hotel Revenue Intelligence calendar provides a easy-to-use way for you to view competitor rates, as well as your own rates. The calendar includes a daily demand index so you can easily see how popular your market is.
Lybra top rated revenue intelligence is cloud-based. This means that our software stays continuously up-to-date with no action required.

Revenue and Marketing
Take the control of your business.

Real-time dashboard: demand pressure index, events, unparalleled marketing and revenue insights designed around your needs.

Learn how big data analytics can uncover the unexpected in your data, improve predictions and support decision making identifying more efficient ways of doing your business.


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About us: We are an heterogenues team: data scientist, engineers, data consultants with previous experience in multinational companies (Finmeccanica, Engineering, Radisson Blue Hotels) and international schools (Essec Business School in Rome in Paris, Luiss Business School in Rome).

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Our mission: We want to democratize the use of Big data delivering easy to use and affordable data solutions to hoteliers worldwide