Enhancing Revenue Management: Lybra Assistant RMS and Hotelogix PMS Integration

We are excited to announce the successful two-way integration of our Lybra Assistant RMS with Hotelogix PMS, an advanced, cloud-based hotel property management system.

This strategic partnership aims to enhance revenue management in the hospitality industry, equipping hotels with powerful integrated tools to boost their revenue management strategies.

Fulvio Giannetti, our CEO, stated, “The alignment of our business models is truly exceptional. Thanks to this integration with Hotelogix, we will be able to support a massive database of global hotel brands to optimize their pricing strategy.”

Aditya Sanghi, CEO of Hotelogix, added, “In today’s highly competitive market, hoteliers need to upgrade their revenue management capabilities as real-time forecasting is key. This integration with Lybra will enable hoteliers to competitively price their rooms to drive sales and revenue.”

Advantages of the Integration

With this integration, Hotelogix PMS will push real-time data points, including occupancy and reservation details, to Lybra Assistant RMS. Leveraging predictive algorithms, Lybra Assistant RMS will automatically suggest optimal rates based on various factors such as occupancy, local events, demand, and competition rates. This seamless data exchange enables hoteliers to:

Optimize Pricing: Adjust room rates dynamically based on real-time data to maximize revenue.
Boost Efficiency: Reduce manual intervention by automating rate updates and forecasting.
Enhance Competitiveness: Stay ahead in the market with competitive pricing strategies driven by comprehensive data analysis.

About Hotelogix

Hotelogix is a leading provider of cloud-based hospitality technology solutions, including the industry-first Multi-property Management System, Hotel PMS, and Mobile PMS App for independent hotels and hotel groups. Hotelogix boasts the most extensive multi-property deployment of over 50,000 rooms across 500+ properties under a single group. Through its distribution brand AxisRooms, Hotelogix also offers Channel Manager, Revenue Management solutions, and Rate Shopper, earning the trust of over 12,000 hotels in 100+ countries. Headquartered in Singapore, Hotelogix has offices in the USA, India, UAE, Thailand, and the Philippines.

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