Hospitality News for the Week of May 3, 2021

Here are the most interesting, informative & industry-changing hospitality news articles that we’ve read during the week of May 3, 2021



This evening, the UK announced the full list of countries in each traffic light category: Green, Amber & Red



Find out which countries fall under which category in this article in this Condé Nast Traveller article.




Confused about what Big Data actually is & how it can help improve your hotel’s revenue management?


Fulvio Giannetti, CEO & Head of Data Science at Lybra, wrote a very interesting article that shares more details about what Big Data is and why it’s an absolute necessity for your property’s success in modern revenue management:


Revenue Management: Look Ahead to Avoid Being Left Behind



“In recent years, the tourism industry has been disrupted by a strong push for innovation, thanks to the introduction of new technologies and greater managerial awareness of their necessities. As is often the case, new technology evolves very quickly in times of lack to solve/address the issues that the industry is facing at the time, so it’s important for us to recap some of the most important developments, to better understand the parts of technology that are necessary for hoteliers and which ones can be put aside for another day.

I’ll explain why and how but, first, let’s start at the beginning…”

Read the rest of the article on Lybra’s blog




Planning a trip? Here’s a fantastic resource for you from UNWTO/IATA: The Destination Tracker



“The UNWTO/IATA Travel Tracker is the first global dashboard on Air Travel Restrictions and Health-related Travel Requirements at the destination.

The first one-stop-shop for global information on COVID-19 related travel regulations it aims to build confidence among travellers and business and support policy making by providing a global overview of travel restrictions worldwide.

Available for free, it provides information and insights on the current status regarding air travel restrictions and measures in place at destinations worldwide.”

Access the UNWTO/IATA Destination Tracker here:

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Greece on course to beat 2019 visitor figures

Greece on course to beat 2019 visitor figures

"Greece has managed the coronavirus pandemic much better than many other European countries, with responsibility, professionalism, with new digital tools, and this has helped us to change the overall image of the country, so that today Greece can be a privileged...


Lybra is Taking Over the Internet – November & December 2020

Lybra is Taking Over the Internet – November & December 2020

Meet Lybra’s revenue management experts in November and December, at many of the industry’s top virtual events, including: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Online Distribution Inventory...


LYBRAry: Hotel Industry News – Week of November 1st, 2021

LYBRAry: Hotel Industry News – Week of November 1st, 2021

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