Lybra Announces the Completion of a Two-Way Integration Between Lybra Assistant RMS & GP Dati Scrigno PMS

Rome, Italy – February 5, 2021 – Lybra, developer of the Assistant, the most complete, machine learning, demand-centric revenue management system (RMS), is proud to announce a two-way integration with GP Dati’s Scrigno PMS, a leading web-based, cloud suite of module-based hotel management solutions, designed to manage all the strategic areas of the hotel, including operational departments (front office, meeting, housekeeping, food & beverage, etc.) sales, revenue management, marketing and administration. Both companies are, at least in-part, owned by Italian-based software development company – and a leader in the European technology industry, Zucchetti Hospitality.

Because of the new, two-way integration, Scrigno PMS reservations data will be integrated into Lybra’s Assistant, enabling the RMS to seamlessly and automatically provide Scrigno PMS with the most accurate real-time room rates, as market conditions change. This integration makes it quicker and easier than ever for customers with both solutions to increase their bookings and revenue, eliminating manual data entry and pricing updates.

Unlike traditional RMS which rely primarily on historical data (in establishing room rates), Lybra’s Assistant RMS prioritizes market data, flight search data – which is a strong indicator of travel intent, and competitor data, enabling the RMS to accurately forecast the real-time travel demand that will be coming to a property’s destination, and offer the most accurate pricing recommendations possible, even during the ongoing pandemic.

Now, the partnership with GP Dati makes Lybra’s Assistant RMS even more powerful. In addition to the traditional PMS functionality, Scrigno PMS monitors hotel’s key performance metrics – including occupancy, RevPAR, bed night/room night, etc. – and sales trends, in order to identify a property’s necessary business improvement strategies. By pinpointing the places where a property can improve their operational performance using Scrigno and identifying actionable recommendations to improve revenue management challenges through the Assistant RMS, hotels now have all of the information that they need to make significant improvements to their hotel sales, revenue and operations – with pricing and reservations data moving automatically between the two systems to make hotels’ operational processes completely hands-free.

“In today’s travel market, where (almost) all markets are experiencing unprecedented, depressed demand due to the ongoing pandemic, hoteliers need to update their revenue management strategy; real-time, hotel forecasting data is the key to success in today’s uncertain market,” said Fulvio Giannetti, CEO & Head of Data Science at Lybra. “Effective forecasting of future hotel demand – and then setting hotel room rates based upon that data, is the best way for hotels to price their room competitively, and capture the most hotel bookings possible, out of the limited number coming to their destination. Lybra’s Assistant is the only RMS on the market that offers next-generation forecasting capabilities and, in combination with the two-way integration with a property’s Scrigno PMS, hotels now have the opportunity to act more quickly and proactively, before their competition does, and become more profitable, no matter how the pandemic affects demand.”

“The combination of these two solutions is a powerful one for hotels worldwide,” said Giuseppe Pellegrini, CEO at GP Dati. “Due to the ongoing effects of the pandemic, many hotels are re-opening their doors with less staff, who are still required to execute their jobs at peak performance; to improve operations and meet – or exceed – guests’ expectations with less staff, integration between internal systems is key to increase efficiency and minimize manual intervention. Of course, two of the biggest and most time-consuming parts of running a hotel is revenue management and reservations management, so this integration makes it possible to make a property’s processes more efficient and execution of daily operations quicker, giving hotel staff more time to spend on non-automated tasks, like providing each-and-every guest with the best possible travel experience.”

To learn more about the partnership, about Lybra or the company’s Assistant RMS, please contact Jennifer Nagy at any time: [email protected] or +1.786.420.1160.


About GP Dati

GP Dati Hotel Service SpA is the Italian Venice-based leading software house specialized in property management systems for the top-tier of the hotel industry since 1981. It offers solutions for all operational needs: front office, marketing, revenue management, online sales, F&B, purchases, administration. GP Dati’s flagship product is Scrigno Suite, a multi-property Hospitality Management Suite cloud and PCI-DSS compliant ideal for hotel chains, resorts, camping villages and hotels.

In 2017 it joined the Zucchetti Group, the largest italian Information Technology Group in Europe. To learn more about GP Dati, visit

About Lybra (Formerly Lybra.Tech)

Lybra is an Italian SaaS company, offering an innovative, machine learning revenue management system (RMS) for the global hospitality industry. Lybra’s Assistant RMS was designed to improve the quality of hoteliers’ lives, by simplifying and automating daily operations to skyrocket their property’s bookings and revenue – even in times of decreased demand, like the current COVID-19 pandemic.

In May 2020, Lybra was acquired by Zucchetti Group, a leading international technology company offering software, hardware and ITC services to many global sectors, including hospitality, education, transport and logistics, manufacturing, among others. As part of The Zucchetti Group, Lybra is even more well-positioned to offer hotel clients the most accurate pricing suggestions because of the wealth of international market and demand data – compiled by the global hospitality technology companies that are owned by The Zucchetti Group – that is now integrated into the company’s Assistant RMS. To learn more about Lybra, visit

About Zucchetti Group

Along with other industry-leading software companies in the hospitality, restaurants and wellness sectors, GP Dati and Lybra are both part of the new Zucchetti Hospitality Division, which has quickly become one of the main international players in the market. The Zucchetti Hospitality Division offers a complete suite of software solutions, enabling the management of all aspects of a hotel’s operations; the company’s offerings include RMS, PMS, CRS, Spa & Wellness, Food & Beverage, websites and app development, smart keys and digital marketing tools.

The solidity of Zucchetti Group guarantees a greater capacity for innovation. Thanks to the wide range of solutions available, the Zucchetti Group is able to respond to the most complex IT needs: accounting, ERP, Payroll, HR, CRM, wellness, access control, logistics, software for Tax Consultants, CRM, Asset, Facility, Maintenance, Fleet Management. To learn more about The Zucchetti Group, visit

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