Lybra is proud to announce a new two-way integration between the company’s Assistant RMS and Avalon PMS!

More than a PMS, Avalon is positioned in the market as a robust hotel chain management system with the capacity for growth and unparalleled recognition among its customers. Avalon is not just “another program”; instead, it is the most promising sector solution for professional hotel chain management. 

The two-way integration between Lybra’s Assistant RMS and Avalon’s PMS makes it easy for both company’s hotel clients to increase their business by expediting decision-making to uncover market opportunities, using real-time data provided by the Assistant RMS. The Assistant does the analysis and will offer the best room rate, based on current market conditions, helping revenue managers save time and increase revenue.

To learn more about the integration or to try Lybra’s Assistant RMS at your property, contact Lorenzo Magnarelli, Chief Customer Success Officer, at

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