Assistant is a Revenue Management System designed to optimize strategy and sales for independent hotels, groups and hotel chains.

Destination was created to empower destinations to actively act on the future and move away from passive analysis of historical data.

Business enables the integration of real-time data on tourism in Italy into any dashboard or B.I. 

Lybra Tech Establishes Partnership with Opensmjle

We are delighted to announce our new strategic partnership with Opensmjle, a leading digital marketing agency specializing in the hospitality industry. This partnership is part of our commitment to expanding our services and increasing our presence within the German market.


About Opensmjle

Based in Germany, Opensmjle is renowned for its expertise in providing digital marketing solutions tailored specifically for the hospitality sector. Their innovative approach and deep understanding of digital marketing dynamics make them an ideal partner for Lybra Tech.


Lybra Tech – Opensmjle Partnership Goals

The goal of this partnership is to provide hotels in Germany with advanced digital solutions that enhance their operational efficiencies and marketing effectiveness. Together, we aim to equip hoteliers with the tools they need to thrive in a competitive market by leveraging both Lybra Tech’s revenue management technology and Opensmjle’s digital marketing expertise.

We believe this partnership will offer tangible benefits to hotels looking to improve their revenue management strategies and digital presence. Our combined efforts will help streamline hotel revenue operations and increase visibility in the digital landscape, ultimately leading to improved guest experiences and business outcomes.

We look forward to a successful collaboration with Opensmjle and are excited about the future prospects this partnership holds for both our companies and the hospitality industry at large.

If you are a hotelier in Germany interested in our solutions, feel free to reach out for more details on how we can assist you in achieving your business goals.

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