Assistant is a Revenue Management System designed to optimize strategy and sales for independent hotels, groups and hotel chains.

Destination was created to empower destinations to actively act on the future and move away from passive analysis of historical data.

Business enables the integration of real-time data on tourism in Italy into any dashboard or B.I. 

Lybra Tech and One Soft Hospitality Forge Reseller Partnership Focused on Scandinavian and Irish Hospitality Markets

We are thrilled to announce a reseller partnership between Lybra Tech and One Soft Hospitality, a Zucchetti Channel Partner operating across Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, the UK, and Ireland. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in our mission to redefine the hospitality industry through innovative, data-driven solutions.

A Partnership Rooted in Technological Synergy

Lybra Tech, with its stronghold in big data solutions tailored for the hospitality sector, joins forces with One Soft Hospitality, experts in optimizing hotel operations and enhancing guest experiences through digital technologies. Together, we aim to bring Lybra Assistant RMS, our state-of-the-art Revenue Management System, to the Scandinavian and Irish markets.

Expanding Reach and Deepening Impact

With One Soft Hospitality’s extensive network and expertise in integrating cutting-edge technology into hotel operations, this partnership is set to significantly expand the reach of Lybra Assistant RMS. Scandinavian countries and Ireland, known for their robust tourism and progressive adoption of technology, provide the perfect landscape for this expansion.

Commitment to Excellence

At Lybra Tech, we are committed to excellence and innovation. Partnering with One Soft Hospitality aligns with our vision to continually evolve and adapt in response to the needs of the hospitality industry. Their commitment to redefining hospitality through technology resonates with our own values, making this partnership a valuable alliance.

Stay tuned for more updates as we move forward with this dynamic partnership. Together, Lybra Tech and One Soft Hospitality are set to make a significant impact on the hospitality landscape.
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