Lybra Tech Integrates Lybra Assistant RMS with Ulyses Cloud PMS for Optimized Rate Management

We’re thrilled to announce the integration of our state-of-the-art revenue management system, Lybra Assistant RMS, with the dynamic Ulyses Cloud Property Management System (PMS). This integration focuses on one essential task: optimizing rates for every single day of the year thanks to big data and advanced statistics.

The Power of Rate Optimization:

With the rapid shifts in the hospitality industry, dynamic rate management has never been more crucial. The integration of Lybra Assistant RMS with Ulyses Cloud PMS provides hotels and hotel chains with the following important advantages:

Data-Driven Decision Making

Rates are adjusted in real-time based on a comprehensive analysis of demand, availability, and competitive pricing, ensuring maximized revenue.

Efficiency and Precision

Eliminate manual guesswork. The integrated system offers automated, precise rate recommendations that can be instantly updated in Ulyses Cloud PMS.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

Understand the market and adjust your rates to stay competitive, ensuring that you attract guests without undercutting your profit margins.


About Ulyses Cloud PMS

Ulyses Property Management Software stands out as the PMS for smart cloud apartments and hotels. It provides the tools to parameterize properties, define contracts with suppliers, manage credits and deposits, and handle reservations seamlessly.
Features of Ulyses Cloud PMS Include:

Cost Efficiency

Eliminate costs linked to servers and licenses, reduce training hours, and minimize custom development. Plus, streamline communications via automation.


Whether you’re overseeing an individual property or a hotel conglomerate, Ulyses Cloud PMS offers solutions catered to your needs. Access it anytime, from any device.

Reliability and Peace of Mind

Setting up and managing your property is simple. With PCI certifications and a dedicated technical team, Ulyses Cloud PMS ensures you’re always supported and up-to-date.

The integration between Lybra Assistant RMS and Ulyses Cloud PMS is another important breakthrough for optimal rate management in the hospitality sector. Our continued collaboration aims to bring even more innovations to empower hoteliers and property managers alike.

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