Assistant is a Revenue Management System designed to optimize strategy and sales for independent hotels, groups and hotel chains.

Destination was created to empower destinations to actively act on the future and move away from passive analysis of historical data.

Business enables the integration of real-time data on tourism in Italy into any dashboard or B.I. 


Pure Salt Luxury Hotels

Optimizing pricing strategy, maximizing revenue, and maintaining a competitive edge in the market with Lybra Assistant RMS


Pure Salt Luxury Hotels

Pure Salt Luxury Hotels is a collection of high-end, boutique properties located in the most sought-after coastal destinations of Spain. Their hotels are elegantly designed, featuring contemporary amenities and outstanding customer service, while ensuring an unforgettable experience steeped in the Mediterranean’s natural beauty.


Optimize pricing strategy, maximize revenue, and maintain a competitive edge in the market.


Using a data-driven revenue management system to enhance revenue strategies. Lybra Assistant RMS was the chosen solution.


  • Overall KPI improvement
  • 18% RevPAR increase
  • 25% overall revenue increase
ricardo samaan

Interview With

Ricardo Samaan
Pure Salt Luxury Hotels
Revenue Manager

Why did you decide to use an RMS? what are the factors that drove this decision?


We decided to use a Revenue Management System (RMS) to optimize our pricing strategy, maximize revenue, and maintain a competitive edge in the market. The key factors driving this decision were the increasing complexity of the hospitality landscape, the need for data-driven decision-making, and the growing importance of accurate forecasting and demand analysis.

Why did you choose Lybra Assistant RMS instead of another one? what was Lybra Assistant’s feature that you liked the most?


We chose Lybra Assistant RMS over other options because of its cutting-edge technology, user-friendly interface, and commitment to continuous improvement. What we liked the most about Lybra Assistant was its ability to adapt to our unique business needs and provide real-time, actionable insights, thanks to its innovative machine learning algorithms and advanced data analysis capabilities.

How did Lybra Assistant change the way you perform daily and strategic revenue management operations? what are the main benefits you experienced in your work thanks to our RMS?


Lybra Assistant has revolutionized our daily and strategic revenue management operations by automating time-consuming tasks, streamlining workflows, and providing us with accurate forecasts and recommendations. The main benefits we’ve experienced include increased efficiency, improved decision-making, and the ability to focus on higher-value tasks, such as developing and executing on our long-term revenue strategies.

What are the results you got thanks to working with our RMS? (in terms of kpi improvement or revenue increase)


Thanks to Lybra Assistant RMS, we’ve achieved significant improvements in our key performance indicators, including an increase in RevPAR (Revenue per Available Room) by 18%, and an increase in overall revenue by 25%. These results are a testament to the effectiveness of Lybra Assistant’s data-driven approach and its ability to optimize our pricing and inventory strategies in real-time.

Could you write a short statement about Lybra Assistant RMS? 


“Lybra Assistant RMS has been a game-changer for Pure Salt Luxury Hotels. Its innovative technology and user-friendly interface have empowered us to make data-driven decisions, optimize pricing strategies, and ultimately, maximize our revenue. The team at has been a reliable partner, providing exceptional support and continuously enhancing the platform. We highly recommend Lybra Assistant RMS to any hotel seeking to elevate their revenue management operations.”