Streamlining Hotel Operations: Announcing the Integration of Lybra RMS and GuestPro for Superior Revenue Management

We are excited to share a significant advancement that aligns perfectly with Lybra’s mission to provide the hospitality industry with the most helpful and integrated Revenue Management System (RMS). In our continuous effort to make hotel revenue management more efficient and integrated with essential hotel technology platforms, we are proud to announce the successful 2-way integration of Lybra Assistant RMS with GuestPro, a leading Property Management System (PMS).


About GuestPro

GuestPro stands out in the hospitality technology landscape for its comprehensive and intuitive solutions designed to streamline hotel operations and enhance the guest booking experience. Offering a range of features from reservation management to guest communication, GuestPro empowers hoteliers to optimize their property’s performance while ensuring a seamless guest experience.


Details about the integration with Guestpro

This 2-way integration marks a pivotal development in fulfilling Lybra’s mission. It enables a seamless flow of real-time data between Lybra Assistant RMS and GuestPro, ensuring that availability data from the PMS is accurately reflected in our RMS, while our RMS pushes optimal, data-driven pricing back to the PMS. This cycle of continuous data exchange means that hoteliers can rely on a synchronized system that dynamically adjusts to market conditions, optimizes revenue opportunities, and helps maintain rate parity across all channels under control.


Our commitment to easy and efficient revenue management

By achieving efficient integration with popular PMS like GuestPro, as well as with an ever growing number of booking engines, and channel managers, Lybra reinforces its commitment to providing a holistic and efficient RMS solution. Hoteliers using Lybra Assistant RMS can now enjoy an even more streamlined operation, leveraging our advanced AI-driven analytics and forecasting to make informed pricing decisions that drive profitability and enhance guest satisfaction.

This development is a testament to our dedication to integrating with all critical hotel management technologies, making Lybra Assistant RMS not just a tool, but a central hub for revenue optimization in the hospitality industry. We are thrilled to offer this enhanced capability to our clients and look forward to continuing our mission to innovate and lead in revenue management solutions.

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