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The impact of Coronavirus on Italian tourism

These days, unfortunately, the situation in Italy is constantly evolving and new cases are expected in the coming days.

One of the industries most affected (if not the most affected one) by this situation is certainly tourism. Thousands of cancellations have been made in the days following the first cases in northern Italy.Analyzing a sample of Rome hotels clearly shows the strong impact that the coronavirus is having on the country.

Comparing the cancellation data to the same period in 2019, the two peaks are evident: one 2 days after the announcement of the discovery of the new virus in China and the other 3 days after the first case in Italy.

Fortunately, there is not only bad news; in fact, analyzing the data for future months, we can see that the cancellations were concentrated only for the next few weeks, while for the months of April, May and June little has changed compared to last year’s trend.

This certainly indicates that tourists are still willing to visit our country and are waiting to understand when the situation will return to normal

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