Pricing & Revenue Management Summit

Mark your calendars! April 2-3 Join’s Kris Glabinski at the third annual pricing and revenue management summit!

This is an invaluable 2-day opportunity to network with industry leaders and discuss all of the latest pricing and revenue optimization strategies while developing services and creating solutions to drive your business forward.

Venue: Hotel SB Glow

Key themes for this year’s summit will include:

  • Creating Competitive Advantage with CRM and Pricing Optimization
  • Achieving Commercial Excellence with an Advanced Pricing Model
  • Driving Sustainable Revenue Growth Using Strategic Pricing
  • Omni-Channel Revenue Management Through Integrated Pricing and Fulfilment Planning
  • Digital Pricing: New business model innovations
  • Usage of forecasting software to maximize revenue management strategy
  • How IoT will change the pricing?

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Top Hotel Revenue Management Strategies to Boost Revenue

Top Hotel Revenue Management Strategies to Boost Revenue

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