Assistant is a Revenue Management System designed to optimize strategy and sales for independent hotels, groups and hotel chains.

Destination was created to empower destinations to actively act on the future and move away from passive analysis of historical data.

Business enables the integration of real-time data on tourism in Italy into any dashboard or B.I. 

Lybra Assistant RMS is now integrated with Clock PMS+

We’re pleased to announce that Lybra Assistant RMS is now integrated with Clock PMS+ with a 2-way integration.

Thanks to this integration Lybra Assistant RMS is not only able to pull all bookings data from Clock PMS+ but is also able to push rates to it.

This makes hoteliers’ and revenue managers’ life easier as they only need to focus to high added value and strategic revenue management tasks without worrying about manually updating hotel rates.

Clock PMS+ is an all-round cloud hotel platform focusing on property management, real-time distribution, and 2-way guest engagement. Thanks to it hoteliers can

  • streamline hotel management
  • engage guests throughout their journey for better travel experience and increased revenue
  • handle online distribution and traditional sales from a single point for increased efficiency and sales


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