Lybra Assistant RMS is now integrated with Millenium Soft Othello PMS

We’re pleased to announce that Lybra Assistant RMS is now integrated with Millenium Soft Othello PMS!

Thanks to this integration, hoteliers using Othello PMS will always have advanced revenue management system features applied to their daily hotel pricing and sales operations.

This makes hoteliers’ and revenue managers’ life easier as they only need to focus to high added value and strategic revenue management tasks without worrying about manually updating hotel rates.

Othello PMS is a tool that allows hoteliers to easily and efficiently manage daily hotel tasks and make decisions regarding the following areas:

  • Hotel reception
  • Communication with hotel guests
  • Competition price comparison
  • Communication and connectivity
  • Technical service & maintenance
  • Online bookings



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The Glossary of Hotel Revenue Management

The Glossary of Hotel Revenue Management

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