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Streamlining Pricing Strategy: Lybra Assistant RMS Integrates with FNS Rooms

 We are delighted to announce a ground-breaking development at Lybra Tech: the integration of our industry-leading Revenue Management System (RMS), Lybra Assistant, with FNS Rooms. This integration is designed to streamline your pricing strategy, directly pushing prices to FNS Rooms from Lybra Assistant RMS.

FNS Rooms is a well-established hotel management solution provider offering a Booking Engine, Channel Manager, and Property Management System (PMS). Their comprehensive platform simplifies hotel management, making it a prime choice for hoteliers worldwide.

The two-way integration between Lybra Assistant RMS and FNS Rooms enables a seamless, real-time flow of data. Now, the advanced AI algorithms and real-time market data of our RMS can be leveraged to develop the most effective pricing strategies. These optimized prices can then be pushed directly to FNS Rooms, updating your rates across all connected channels automatically.


This integration brings several significant benefits:


Optimized Pricing Strategy:

With Lybra Assistant RMS, users can analyze real-time market data to set the most competitive rates, thereby maximizing potential revenue.

Seamless Rate Updates:

Rates calculated and optimized by Lybra Assistant RMS are pushed automatically to FNS Rooms. This means your most competitive pricing is always reflected across all your distribution channels managed by FNS Rooms.

Reduced Manual Input:

The automation of rate updates significantly minimizes manual input, reducing the possibility of errors and freeing up staff time for other critical tasks.

Data-Driven Decisions:

The combination of comprehensive data from FNS Rooms and the powerful analytics of Lybra Assistant RMS allows for more accurate, data-driven pricing decisions.

At Lybra Tech, we remain steadfast in our mission to continually innovate, providing the hospitality industry with technologically advanced solutions. This integration with FNS Rooms embodies our commitment to offering our clients the best tools to streamline their pricing strategies, push optimized prices automatically, and thereby enhance revenue growth.

We are excited about the opportunities this integration will bring to our clients. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and developments from Lybra Tech!

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